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OIL by Bijutsu Techo


Oil Bijutsu Techo Shibuya Tokyo Dokocha Japanese Tea Travel Japan

Mon-Sun 10am - 9pm

JP - EN 



Address : 15-1, Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042

Building : PARCO Shibuya

Floor : 2F

About OIL by Bijutsu Techo - Shibuya

Based on the experience of making art magazine for more than 70 years, Bijutsu Techo have opened a gallery where you can enjoy Japanese Tea while enjoying art : OIL. They exhibit and sell works of contemporary artists selected by Bijutsu Techo. They have created a space that both art lovers and those unfamiliar with art can enjoy.


The gallery itself is located in an unexpected place, in the middle of the Fashion 2nd floor in PARCO Shibuya. Japanese Teas were carefully selected by GEN GEN AN. This Tea Shop & Cafe is famous for experimenting new ways of tasting Japanese Teas and they elaborated a special drinks menu for OIL. 

Creation : 2019

What to order : Fast Cold Brew Tea, Ryokucha Soda, Ryokucha Latte. 

Meet : Neiji WADA & Kimiko SHONO (Charistas)

Map OIL Tokyo
Menu OIL

Order your favorite items, we are here to help ! 

Ryokucha Dokocha OIL Tokyo Japan

It is a green tea grown in Ureshino, Saga prefecture.


Cold Brew Tea Dokocha OIL Tokyo Japan
Cold Brew Tea

Quickly extracted green tea using fine tea leaves. You can easily taste the flavor of the leaves.


Ryokucha Latte Dokocha OIL Tokyo Japan
Ryokucha Latte (Hot/Cold)

Green tea with milk.
Gentle taste that matches bitterness of green tea and sweetness of milk.


Allergens : milk

Yuzu Soda Ginger Dokocha OIL Tokyo Japan
Yuzu Soda/ Ginger

Used 100% yuzu fruit juice extract made by squeezing ripe yuzu.


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