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Satén Japanese Tea


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Tue-Sun 10am-9pm

Fri 10am-11pm

JP - EN 

Hojicha, Kabusecha, Matcha, Sencha, Tamaryokucha, Wakocha

Ibaraki, Kyoto, Mie, Saitama, Shizuoka, Uji, Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Nagasaki, Yame

Address : 25-9-3 Shoan, Suginami-Ku, Tokyo 167-0054

About Satén Japanese Tea - Nishi-Ogikubo

Nestled in the heart of Nishi-Ogikubo area, 3 min. walk from the subway station, there’s one of a kind Tea café. Satén Japanese Tea. A little bit out the path (15 min. West from Shinjuku station), it’s worth the extra mile. You cannot miss it with its wooden store front and terrace overlooking the street (which is rare in Tokyo). Once inside, sit at the counter to see the Charistas preparing your drinks. Here, there's a great desire to make you discover Japanese teas, simply, as we would order a coffee in a specialty coffee shop. All teas are sourced directly from the Japanese producers. Their slogan : Leaf to Relief. From the Tea field to your cup. 

Creation : 2018

What to order : Matcha Latte, Hojicha Latte, Iced Sencha, Ogura Toast, Matcha Pudding​
Meet : Kazuhiro KOYAMA (CEO - Charista), Hibiki FUJIOKA (COO - Barista)

Map Saten
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