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Yame : The Secrets of the Hidden Tea Valley

Episode 1

Yame : The secrets of the hidden tea valley

Hojicha, Kocha, Kukicha, Matcha, Sencha, Shiraore

Yame, Fukuoka

Address : 661-1 Kurogimachi Kuwahara, Yame, Fukuoka 834-1216

About YAMECHA (Yame Tea)- Episode 1

In 1423, a Japanese Buddhist monk, Master Shuzui, came back from China with tea seeds and founded in Yame city a temple where he planted them. With these first tea trees, tea production was introduced to Yame area. 

Located in Fukuoka, northern Kyushu, Yame is the sixth largest tea region of Japan and is home to 1,500 growers who have dedicated their lives to making some of the best teas that Japan can offer. While it produces only 3% of Japanese tea, Yame is renowned throughout Japan and overseas for its award-winning Dento Hon Gyokuro, the Millesime of Japanese tea.


Thanks to a wonderful micro-climate, its pristine water from the mountains, a rich soil and skills honed by hundred of years of experience, Yame tea growers produce a large range of Japanese green teas, from Sencha to Shiraore, Kabusecha to Matcha, as well as flavor-packed Kocha ("red tea"), known overseas as Japanese black tea.

About IRIE CHAEN - Kuroki-machi

Shunnosuke IRIE is the second-generation president of Irie Chaen Inc. They have been engaged in tea farming and the tea business for 38 years, growing organic Yame tea in the fields of Kuroki-machi.a a steep mountainous area of Yame City with a very limited space for tea fields. In the last 40 years, They have grown chemical-free tea without using any chemical fertilizer. 

Creation : 1981

Certification : Nihoncha (Japanese tea) Advisor

Favorite Yame Tea : Sencha

A word for International : "I hope you take the time to brew a cup of our tea and enjoy its flavors that are truly one-of-a-kind. "

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