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Yame : The Secrets of the Hidden Tea Valley

Episode 4

Yame : The secrets of the hidden tea valley

Genmaicha, Gyokuro, Hojicha, Matcha, Sencha, Shiraore

Yame, Fukuoka

Address : 4573-4 Hoshinomura, Yame, Fukuoka 834-0201

About YAMECHA (Yame Tea)- Episode 4

While Yabukita is the main tea cultivar used in Yame, others that are less known are also used by growers to bring more sweetness and flavor to your cup, such as Kanaya midori, Oku midori, Sae midori or Yamakai.

The most traditional way of brewing a delicious green tea is to pour it in a delicate cup. But did you know that you can get a whole different taste and aroma experience with a wine glass? The shape of wine glasses is the result of long years of research. Of course, there are dozen of types out there, but all of them share a similar concept rooted in science - a bowl that release and collect all the precious wine aromas. And this works perfectly with green tea, too, as this is also a beverage that has complex and delicate tastes. 


As Kiya-san shows you in his interview, you can pour either hot-brewed or cold-brewed Sencha or Gyokuro in a wine glass as well as Hojicha. 

About KIYA HOYUEN - Hoshinomura

Yasuhiko KIYA is the CEO of Kiya Hoyuen Co., Ltd., located in Hoshino Village in Yame City. For about 90 years, they have been involved in all the process of tea making, from the farm to the brewing, in order to deliver their the best quality of green teas to their customers. Kiya-san is also a renowned Tea Master who makes different blends of delicious, healthy tea which are a match for single-origin teas.

Creation : 1930

Certification : Japanese Tea Appraiser / Tea Master 5-dan

Favorite Yame Tea : Yame Dento Hon Gyokuro (Gokou)

A word for International : "Hopefully, one day you will come and visit us, and I would be delighted to serve you a cup of tea directly. "

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