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Mon-Sun 11am - 11pm

JP - EN 

Genmaicha, Gyukuro, Hojicha, Kabusecha, Matcha, Sencha

Kyoto, Uji

Address : 5-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061

Building : Tokyu Plaza Ginza

Floor : B2F

About TsujiriHei-Honten - Ginza

TsujiriHei-Honten has a strong Tea history, starting in 1860 in Uji (Kyoto Prefecture). And for 160 years now, they make people discover “the taste of Uji” in whole Japan. Their store in Ginza proposes a full menu of Drinks& Sweets you can enjoy in their corner cafe (surrounded by historic photos) or to take away. They have a permanent stone mill in the store where they grind their matcha, so that you can taste their signature drink everyday : the Ginza-ground Matcha (only in hot version). From their Uji Matcha in wooden boxes to their unique Tea Chocolate Crunch Bar, take also time to discover all the products they propose in their Tea Shop corner.

Creation : 2016

What to order : Iced Matcha/Hojicha Latte, Ginza-ground Matcha (hot), Yamari Matcha Soft-serve Ice Cream, Chafukumochi (matcha rice cake).

Meet : Kohei HIDA (Store Manager)

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